The CICSL is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to allow for the evaluation and monitoring of immune responses in patients post-immunotherapy. Specific equipment available in the laboratory include:


Luminex FLEXMAP 3D System (Luminex multi-bead array)

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The new FLEXMAP 3D® system takes Luminex xMAP® technology to three dimensions. The FLEXMAP 3D system combines differentially dyed fluorescent microsphere sets with an innovative instrument design to allow multiplexing of up to 500 unique assays within a single sample, both rapidly, and precisely. The FLEXMAP 3D accommodates 96 and 384-well formats for enhanced sample volume flexibility and increased throughput. Sample plate heating control also allows the user to run thermally sensitive applications such as nucleic acids.The FLEXMAP 3D system works in the same basic manner as the Luminex® 100TM analyzer. Mixtures of internally dyed microspheres are used in an assay, each having been prepared to bind to a specific analyte of interest. After the assay has been performed the mixture of microspheres is aspirated into the system and then each individual microsphere is individually excited by a red and green laser. Each microsphere is impregnated with different amounts of three internal dyes. All dyes excite at the same red laser wavelength, but fluoresce at three separate wavelengths. Monitoring the relative intensity of the three signals allows the system to discriminate up to 500 different microsphere sets. The green laser is then used to excite the reporter molecules, normally in the form of phycoerythrin, and the resulting fluorescence is measured to determine the amount of analyte present.



Bio-Rad Bio-Plex HTF System (Luminex multi-bead array)
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The Bio-Rad Bio-Plex 100 allows for the simultaneous assay of up to 100 distinct proteins in a single well of a microtiter plate, using very small sample volumes. The system delivers fast and cost-effective bioassay results on many assay formats including cytokines, immunoassays and enzymatic assays, nucleic acid assays, receptor-ligand assays, and phosphorylation assays. The Bio-Plex utilizes Luminex xMAP® technology which is based on the use of 100 distinctly color-coded microspheres. Each microsphere set can be coated with a reagent specific to a particular bioassay, for example individual anti-cytokine antibodies, allowing the capture and specific detection of multiple distinct cytokines from a sample in a single microplate well. Within the Luminex 100 compact analyzer, lasers excite the internal dyes that identify each microsphere particle, and also any reporter dye captured during the assay.
MJR Chromo 4™ Thermal Cycler
The MJR Chromo 4 is a Q-PCR instrument that allows for the quantitation of specific nucleic acid sequences in samples. The instrument is capable of excitation and detection in four different channels allowing for PCR multiplex analyses, has a linear dynamic range of up to ten orders of magnitude, and can detect a single copy of initial template in samples.
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The FLUOstar OPTIMA is a fully automated microplate based multi-detection reader which incorporates five different measurement principles: fluorescence intensity, time-resolved fluorescence, high-performance luminescence (flash and glow), and absorbance. It is designed for the widest possible range of non-radioactive labeled applications, including immunoassays (ELISA), Ca2+ Measurements (e.g. Ca2+ Flux with Fura-2 or Indo-1), enzyme activity, cell toxicity, proliferation and viability, cytotoxicity and ATP quantification. The instrument covers a wavelength range from 240 to 740 nm and can read all plate formats from six up to 384-well plates in all four measurement modes. The versatile optical system allows instant switching from top to bottom reading. Temperature-regulated heating plates above and below the entire plate movement area provide uniform incubation up to 60°C. The instrument is equipped with a single syringe pumps. Injection speed and timing can be adjusted as is appropriate for particular assays. Delivery volume is adjustable between 3-350 µL in 1µL increments and is individually adjustable for each well allowing control of dilution schemes, concentration ranges, etc.
Tissue Culture/LN2 Storage
The CICSL is equipped with class II type A2 bio-safety cabinets and CO2 incubators to allow the culture and analysis of immune cell subsets, as well as a controlled rate-cell freezer and liquid N2 freezers for long term storage of biological samples.