Beckman Research Institute Milestones

The Graduate School of Biological Sciences is accredited.

Fouad Kandeel, M.D., Ph.D., wins NIH approval for City of Hope as one of 10 national centers for isolating and distributing islet cells for transplantation into patients with Type 1 diabetes.

The Division of Cancer Immunotherapeutics and Tumor Immunology is created.

Arthur Riggs, Ph.D., is elected to the National Academy of Sciences in recognition of his work explaining how methylation modifies and changes the function of DNA.

Groundbreaking on the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center for Cancer Immunotherapeutics and Tumor Immunology.

John Rossi, Ph.D., and John Zaia, M.D., open the first-in-human clinical trial for HIV related malignancies using a lentiviral vector to deliver a triple small RNA based gene therapy.

Richard Jove, Ph.D., is named director of the Beckman Research Institute.

Arthur Riggs, Ph.D., receives California Institute of Technology Distinguished Alumni Award.

The Department of Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases is created.