2010 Annual Report
Education guides progress at City of Hope

Good scientists make discoveries that add to the world’s knowledge base. Great scientists make sure that others can carry on and apply that knowledge.

At City of Hope, education is a central part of the mission to battle serious disease. By teaching others — from young students to experienced physicians — City of Hope expands its reach far beyond the laboratory bench or operating room.

Whether they are high school students first exploring scientific research or college students putting their coursework into practice, young learners benefit from City of Hope’s hands-on enrichment programs. City of Hope investigators train physicians to become experts in biomedicine, so they can turn research advances into better patient care. And City of Hope’s education programs for patients and family members provide practical information that boosts quality of life.

These benefits extend far beyond City of Hope. Community health fairs educate the public about disease prevention and early detection. Physicians around the world attend City of Hope medical courses to learn the latest practices and techniques.
Whether in the lab or the classroom, City of Hope is using the power of knowledge to transform the future of medicine.

In the pages of this report, we invite you to learn more about how City of Hope’s educational programs are writing the future of medicine, one student at a time.