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Daughter diagnosed with breast cancer carries on father's fight - and wins
October 24, 2016

Women’s cancers will affect one in three women in her lifetime. One of those women is cancer survivor Linh Quan. Diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram at 40 years old, Quan went to City of Hope, where she knew from experience that she would be in good hands. Four years later, Quan is now cancer-free.

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5 Steps to a Better Breast Self-exam (w/Video)
October 21, 2016

If your monthly breast self-exam happens in the shower — sporadically — and involves a quick once-over of your breasts, you may be missing some important elements of an effective exam. City of Hope breast surgeon Dr. Laura Kruper offers tips for a more effective exam.

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Fitness wristbands can "step-up" to monitor cancer patients' recovery time post-surgery
October 20, 2016

Something as simple as wearing a physical activity wristband, not unlike a Fitbit, to count steps could also be an invaluable tool in monitoring the functional recovery time of surgery patients, and potentially detecting any post-surgery complications sooner rather than later.

Collaboration leads to new pathway to increase drug sensitivity
October 19, 2016

Science doesn’t always start in the lab. Sometimes collaborations come together over cocktails in Costa Rica. This is how City of Hope cancer biologist Mei Kong Ph.D., and Caltech neuroscientist Viviana Gradinaru, Ph.D., started a project that could change the approach to killing cancerous tumors.

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Immunotherapy 101 with scientist Steve Spangler (w/video)
October 18, 2016

We worked with Steve Spangler of Sick! Science to visualize and better understand the science of immunotherapy being done at City of Hope. Learn how to use slime to represent the body’s immune system and a magnet to represent cancer.


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