Administrative Fellowship FAQs

Is this a paid fellowship and if so how much is the compensation?

Yes, this is a competitively paid fellowship.

When was the administrative fellowship program developed?

The fellowship program started 16 years ago. We have two administrative fellows for the fellowship year 2014-2015.

How much vacation time is available?

All full-time employees receive a benefits package that includes vacation time. Upon employment, Human Resources will provide detailed information.

What is included in the benefits package?

Each fellow will receive a full compensation package including health, dental, vision care, and paid time off during the year.

How long is the fellowship program?

The fellowship program lasts for one year beginning in July of each calendar year.

How many administrative fellows do you take each year?

We are accepting two administrative fellows for the 2015-2016 application cycle.

Am I eligible for the fellowship if I did not attend a CAHME or AUPHA school?

Yes, but please contact Preston White,, to verify your eligibility. Please note that you must have the course work for your graduate degree completed before you begin your fellowship year.