Adolescents & Young Adults (AYA)
At City of Hope, we know that adolescents and young adults (AYA) have unique needs.. That's why we offer medical care, psychosocial support and resources designed to help patients like you navigate from diagnosis to treatment to survivorship.
Treatments for younger children and older adults are not always appropriate for adolescents and young adults. We offer AYA-specific medical care that is designed to treat cancer aggressively while minimizing the long-term effects. At City of Hope, you will have access to:
  • The most current cancer therapies and treatments
  • AYA inpatient lounge
  • Outpatient treatments to minimize hospital stays
  • Clinical trials
  • Fertility preservation referrals
As an AYA, you’re probably concerned about how your cancer diagnosis and treatment will impact your body as well as important aspects of your life, such as relationships, finances and school or career. To help you live as normally as possible, we provide counseling, psychological services and support groups, including:
  • An educational group for adolescents and young adults on undergoing therapy
  • A recreational therapy group for inpatient adolescents and young adults
  • AYA social events
  • Fertility preservation referrals
The City of Hope AYA medical team is actively involved in day-to-day patient care as well as research to test new treatments, improve outcomes and enhance survivorship for AYA patients.  At the same time, the psychosocial team, which includes psychologists, social workers and child life specialists, are available to answer your questions and provide support tailored to your unique situation. The team includes:

With a patient population that spans all ages, City of Hope is uniquely positioned to treat you from diagnosis through adulthood, enabling you to stay with the same team and at a hospital you know and trust.