The MoFlo™ MLS has a three-laser optical bench configuration.  The three lasers (one argon gas and 2 krypton gas) provide fluorescent excitations from 351-752.5 nm.  This instrument has 10 separate photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) plus a forward scatter detector.  Peak height, integrated and logarithmic data can be collected from each of the PMTs.  There are optical filters for the collection of up to 9 simultaneous fluorescent signals.  The facility normally sorts with a 100 micron nozzle at 30 PSI.  Up to four sort decisions can be performed simultaneously.  Along with bulk sorting, cell deposition into wells as single cells or multiple cells is also a possibility.  The instrument can accommodate plates that contain from 6 to 384 wells.
MoFlo: 4-way sorting streams MoFlo: Cytomation sorting unit
MoFlo MLS (Multi-Laser System)  
Quality Control
UltraRainbow Fluorescent Particles are purchased from Sphereotech and run on a daily basis to monitor system performance.   These same beads are utilized to setup the sorting parameters of the system prior to cell sorting for a given day.
Supplies Needed
Investigators must supply their own reagents.  All samples are filtered by core staff prior to placement on the cell sorter.  We utilize 60micron nylon mesh that has been autoclaved for sterility.  It is recommended that the user provides collection tubes with the appropriate media for their specific cell type.  For plate sorting, the user must provide the appropriate plate type and collection media.  It is also recommended that the user bring extra collection media.