Odyssey® Infrared Imager
The Odyssey® Infrared Imager scanner can be used to analyze two-color western blots, two-color in-gel westerns, two-color northern blots, and any other primary antibody tagged samples, which can be stained with near-infrared secondary antibodies (IRDye 700 and IRDye 800) or Alexa Fluor 680.  It can also visualize Coomasie stained protein gels, which are fluorescent in the infrared.  Along with scanning gels and membranes, it can also scan microplate cell-based assays.  Various resolutions can be used for scanning, which range from 21u to 337u.
Quality Control
Users are generally responsible for running their own controls.
Cleaning solution and Kimwipes® are provided for cleaning the platen on the scanner.  All other reagents, solutions, buffers, and supplies must be provided by the user.