Annual Giving
Why is today the perfect day to make your gift to City of Hope? Because today we’re one day closer to curing diabetes … one day closer to curing cancer … and one day closer to curing HIV.

We’re pushing the boundaries of science today — with the hope of turning bold ideas into powerful medical treatments, just as we have for the last 100 years. But we need your help to succeed. Give a generous gift today and help our groundbreaking research to end deadly diseases like cancer and diabetes one day closer to fruition.

Why give to City of Hope?
City of Hope is saving lives today and unlocking the secrets of how to save even more lives in the future. Our primary mission is to close the gap between breakthrough research and effective, new treatment, and to do it more quickly, more aggressively and more safely than anyone has before. Learn more »
Faces of Cancer
At City of Hope our patients are parents, children, spouses and friends who need hands to hold and hope to believe in – now. They are people like Concetta Nocera, a mother who was determined to beat leukemia so she could see her young children grow up. Read more »