Prostate Cancer

More than 230,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year, and about one in seven men will be diagnosed with this disease some time in his life. But thanks to improvements with surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and other treatments, many prostate cancer patients can overcome prostate cancer to lead long, productive lives.
City of Hope’s multidisciplinary staff can assess and treat prostate cancer in all stages, from localized to recurrent and advanced disease. Our Prostate Cancer Program focuses on providing the most advanced, compassionate care while actively investigating promising new therapies. The goal: to eradicate prostate cancer and help you recover faster, with fewer side effects. 
As one of a handful of institutes to attain the elite designation of Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute, City of Hope is acknowledged as a leader in the research and treatment of prostate cancer. With our decades of experience, specialized therapy protocols and extensive program of clinical trials, newly diagnosed or relapsed patients can find a treatment regimen that is tailored to their needs and gives them the best chance for survival. U.S.News & World Report also named City of Hope as one of the top cancer hospitals in the country for the 11th year.
City of Hope is a leading center for prostate cancer treatment, offering novel therapies that can improve chances of survival with fewer side effects. Some of our leading edge therapies include:
  • High-precision, robotic-assisted prostate surgery, which offers unparalleled surgical accuracy to improve postoperative recovery. Our doctors have performed more advanced procedures for prostate cancer than any other facility on the West Coast.
  • Our team of experts was the first in the western United States to offer Helical TomoTherapy — a targeted radiation therapy that kills cancer cells while minimizing damage to neighboring healthy tissue.
  • For patients with recurrent, advanced or metastasized prostate cancer, our clinical trials offer promising treatments not available elsewhere using either newly-developed agents or novel combinations of existing drugs.
  • Active Surveillance - For those men with low-grade tumors, City of Hope specialists may recommend active surveillance. Our specialists will determine the best course of treatment balanced with each man’s vision of a quality life beyond diagnosis.
In collaboration with other departments and cancer centers, City of Hope’s prostate cancer program has an active portfolio of prostate cancer clinical trials studying novel treatments, including trials of new surgery, radiation and chemotherapy regimens that are more effective against the disease and/or less harmful to the patient. Many of these promising therapies are only available to patients being treated at the City of Hope.

Current prostate cancer trials at City of Hope include:
  • Improving whole body scans to better detect prostate cancer recurrence and metastasis
  • Looking at prostate cancer biomarkers that can be used to personalize therapy regimens, making them more effective against the disease
  • Investigating ways to minimize risk of incontinence or impotence after prostate cancer treatment

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer or are looking for a second opinion consultation about your treatment, find out more about becoming a patient or contact us at 800-826-HOPE.