Binghui Shen, Ph.D. Project 2

Role of nuclease in RNA primer removal and mutagenesis
The major goals of this project are to carry out experiments to test roles of several eukaryotic nuclease complexes in RNA primer removal during lagging strand DNA synthesis in nuclei and mitochondria, and to examine the mutagenic consequences of defects of the individual nuclease complexes.
Localization of hDNA2 and mitochondria-lspecific heat-shock protein 70 (mtHSP70) in HeLa cells. hDNA2 (red) and mtHSP70 (green) were stained with antibodies to hDNA2 and mtHSP70. The nucleus (blue) was stained with DAPI. Yellow spots (arrows) indicate co-localization of hDNA2 and mtHSP70 (merged views). The square box in the upper right panel is a magnification of the area framed in white.