Blood Donation - Patient Designated

Can I direct my blood donation to a specific patient?

Blood donations from friends and family are a great source of encouragement and support for a patient needing transfusions.
If your blood type is compatible with the patient, your donated blood can be given directly to your loved one. If your blood is not the same type, it is still important that you donate to help other City of Hope patients who are a blood type match and seriously in need of your help.
In most circumstances, platelet donations do not need be the same blood type. Therefore, most friends and family members can direct their platelet donations to their loved one. Because platelets can only be stored for 3-5 days, it is important that there is consistent support for our patients.
You can help rally friends and family members in the fight by sponsoring blood drives for patients as well as arranging for group donations in our Donor Center. Encourage friends and family members to call the City of Hope Blood Donor Center at (626) 471-7171 and schedule an appointment to donate blood and/or platelets or make arrangements for a blood drive in your community.
To find a blood drive in your community, please call 626-301-8385.

Can I donate platelets to a patient even if our blood types don't match?

In most circumstances, platelet donations do not need be the same blood type.

How can I get others to donate?

There is no conclusive information to show that blood from a directed donor is safer than blood from a community donor. Blood collected from both designated and community donors are tested for diseases that can be transmitted by blood. Care should be taken when selecting directed donors; they should never be pressured into donating.

Are directed donations safer?

Directed donors can donate more frequently depending on the donation type. Please call our appointment libe at 626-471-7171 to confirm eligibility. 

How often can I donate as a directed donor?

To receive more information on our Directed Donor Program please contact Jennifer Zuniga at 626-256-4673 ext 69038 or email her.