Career Development

Stephen J. Forman, M.D.
John Rossi, Ph.D.

Andrew Raubitschek, M.D.
John Zaia, M.D.
Review Committee Members

The Career Development Program is devised to attract, train, and facilitate the success of young investigators pursuing careers in translational lymphoma research as well as provide a support mechanism for established investigators to refocus their work on lymphoma. This program provides fiscal support for one to three years to two individuals per year.

The program is implemented through the Administrative Core with SPORE Steering Committee, Executive Committee and External Advisory Board oversight. This program has well delineated processes for candidate recruitment, including an intensive effort to recruit women and minorities, an application, review, and selection process, a mentoring plan, a program of educational activities, and an evaluation process. In aggregate, this program insures that City of Hope is productive in contributing to the next generation of highly trained and lymphoma focused investigators that will contribute to translational lymphoma research.

Career Development Application Process
To apply for grant funds under the Career Development Program:
  • Contact Maggie Vigil at to request the Pilot Grant Application.
  • You will then be emailed a Pilot Grant Application (Part One), along with a tracking number and instructions. To complete the application, you must include a brief program description.
  • Submit the completed Pilot Grant Application (Part One) as directed. You will need your tracking number to submit the application. 

All applications will undergo committee review, and selected applicants will be asked to submit additional program information. These selected applicants will be notified by email. The email notification will include using Pilot Grant Application (Part Two), and instructions for submitting this second application section. After committee review of Part Two applications, applicants whose requests are accepted will be notified.