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Partners Putting Our Business Out of Business

Our ultimate hope is that someday our treatment center and all treatment centers like ours will be willingly, cheerfully, finally shuttered. When that happens, we’d love for your brand to have played a part.


Our wide range of partnerships exemplifies how creative our partners and City of Hope can be when we unify our cause with your business.


We have the flexibility to develop marketing programs based on our partners’ areas of interest and target demographics. Whether it’s auctions, one-for-one models, specially themed products, media partnerships or percentage of sales, our team works with partners to create an endless array of unique and custom-tailored cause marketing programs and sponsorships. Together we can raise money to make new discoveries and find cures while helping you achieve your business objectives.




Why Partner with City of Hope

Global Impact
Our researchers speed their findings from the lab to clinical trials, thus impacting and improving the quality of lives of people around the world.


City of Hope’s fundraising efficiency (as published in the 2011 edition of Forbes magazine) was approximately 80% percent, meaning that 80 cents of each dollar received from private parties (individuals, corporations, foundations and other non-government institutions) went directly to research, treatment and education.


Charity Navigator, the independent charity evaluator, gives City of Hope its highest 4-star rating. Only 2% of the charities rated have received at least 7 consecutive 4-star evaluations, indicating that City of Hope outperforms most other charities in America.


Nationally Recognized
City of Hope was once again featured on Forbes magazine’s 2011 annual list of the nation’s largest 200 nonprofit organizations.


In It Together
Join our other trusted cause partners in helping to make a difference, while also positively impacting your company’s bottom line.


Our experienced marketing team looks forward to working with your company to develop unique, effective and impactful promotional programs that meet your brand’s objectives.


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