In general, the CICSL develops assay platforms that can be applied to multiple clinical studies. Please contact the CICSL director if you are interested in having the laboratory develop an assay not listed below.
Current Available Assays and Procedures
Flow Cytometry
Characterization of immune cell activation/differentiation/homing status
Analysis of immune cell effector phenotypes (ICS, CD107 degranulation)
Absolute count determination and quantification of immune cell subsets
MHC:tetramer analyses
Proliferation assays (CFSE)
Nucleic acid (DNA, RNA) isolation
cDNA synthesis
Q-RT-PCR-based quantification of immune cell subsets
Q-RT-PCR-based quantification of mRNA levels for immune and other factors
Q-PCR-based quantification of adoptively transferred cells
Vβ spectratyping
i. Luminex X-MAP bead array-based
Quantification of multiple cytokine/chemokine/growth factors in serum, tissue samples, tissue culture
ii. ELISA-based
Quantification of cytokine/chemokine/growth factors in serum, culture, tissue samples
iii. Quantification of phosphorylation status of intracellular signal transduction molecules, transcription factors by Luminex X-MAP bead array
Blood processing, PBMC/serum/plasma isolatio