Services and Equipment

Cytogenetics Core services available include:
  • Cell line characterization and tumor bank storage
  • Solid tumor cytogenetic analysis
  • FISH analysis /FISH enumeration only
  • Genotype-phenotype correlation via immunocytochemistry/FISH analysis
  • Gene mapping
  • Photomicrography Human 24-color karyotyping (SKY)
  • Mouse 20-color karyotyping (SKY)
  • HUMARA clonality assay
  • Human 19K BAC array analysis (DNA to data)
  • Consultation and training services
Probes Utilized
The Cytogenetics Core Laboratory has experience with all commercially-available probes (e.g., chromosome enumeration probes, painting probes, single copy or locus-specific probes, translocation probes, human and mouse SKY probes, etc.) and nick-translated DNA fragments provided by researchers as “homebrew” probes (nick translocation labeling may be performed by Cytogenetics Core lab personnel). The DNA fragments may be genomic DNA, cDNA or vector DNA; however, due to sensitivity limitations of our current instrumentation, unique sequence probes larger than 2.5 kb are required for mapping studies. If the probe is known to be amplified, probes larger than 1 kb may be used.

The Cytogenetics Core Laboratory is equipped with high-resolution fluorescent and light photomicroscopes, and three computerized imaging systems (including the SKY Applied Spectral Imaging System and the Bioview System), which are able to capture, process and print microscopic images. Tissue culture facilities and equipment for probe labeling and hybridization are also available.


Fluorochromes commonly used with our fluorescent microscopes:
The fluorescent microscopes in the Cytogenetics Core are optimized for observation of the fluorochromes listed below. However, fluorochromes with similar excitation and emission wavelengths as those listed below may also be observed with our systems.



Fluorochrome                                                   Emission (nm)
FITC or Fluorescein (green)                           520
Texas-red (red)                                                  620
Rhodamine (red)                                              590
DAPI (blue)                                                         452
Spectrum green                                                538
Spectrum red                                                     612
Spectrum orange                                              588
Aqua                                                                    480
Applied Spectral Imaging SKY System

Bioview System
The Bioview Duet capture screen displaying a live fluorescent image (left) with its corresponding morphological image (right).  The lower right images provide a gallery view of all captured cells on this slide.