Diabetes Education Program
Research clearly shows that complications of diabetes can, in many cases, be prevented if proper education and treatment are given soon after diagnosis.
For this reason, City of Hope's Department of Clinical Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism is dedicated to educating and helping people with diabetes manage and take control of their disease.
The adult Diabetes Education Program is accredited by the American Diabetes Association. In the four class series, participants learn:
  • Proper diet, exercise and lifestyle changes to help manage diabetes
  • Latest advances in diabetes research and treatment
  • Information to gain a better understanding of the disease, empowering each person to take control of their disease by learning self-management skills
For information about the program or to enroll:
You may be referred by your primary care physician or refer yourself by calling City of Hope at 800-826-HOPE (4673).  Contact the City of Hope diabetes nurse educator at 626-256-HOPE (4673), ext. 65640, with any questions and/or to obtain a current schedule of classes.