Diabetes Supportive Care

Our patients are encouraged to take advantage of the Sheri & Les Biller Patient and Family Resource Center, which offers a wide array of support and educational services. Patients and loved ones may work with a coordinated group of social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, patient navigators and spiritual care providers at the center, as well as participate in programs such as music therapy, meditation and many others.
Visit a nurse educator
In the course of just a few days, a person with diabetes makes hundreds of decisions that can lead to improved or lessened diabetes control. Diabetes is unique in that over 90 percent of a person's success in diabetes management is based on how effectively the patient self-manages the disease. With so much responsibility in the hands of the person with diabetes, plenty of support is needed in order to achieve the best possible diabetes control and long-term health. That’s where a nurse educator comes in.
City of Hope employs certified diabetes educators who are part of the health care team. Our diabetes educators are also registered nurses whose role is to be a teacher, counselor and coordinator of care for people with diabetes. The diabetes nurse will make sure the patient and, when possible, the patient's family or other support people understand all doctor's orders and the many aspects of the disease. This may include information about medications, how to monitor and interpret blood glucose levels, the importance of exercise, a realistic food plan, dealing with emotions, and when other health team members need to be called upon. Because diabetes is a chronic, progressive and serious disease, support over the long-term is essential to successful management.