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Dominick Folbrecht and family
People magazine features City of Hope psychologist, family as heroes among us
September 23, 2016

The story of City of Hope psychologist Jeanelle Folbrecht and her husband, Eric, welcoming a teenager fighting a second bout of leukemia into their family’s home continues to touch hearts.

City of Hope to manufacture novel cell therapies for clinical trials targeting heart, lung and blood diseases
September 22, 2016

Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope is one of only five sites in the nation that has received a contract to manufacture novel cell therapies for heart, lung and blood diseases for use in preclinical trials.

Ian Macleod
‘I’m completely surprised that I’m still here’ (w/VIDEO)
September 22, 2016

City of Hope patient Ian MacLeod says a difficult leukemia diagnosis, and a bone marrow transplant, taught him how to be in the moment and to "not procrastinate joy."

Jonathan Sugianto
How cancer fueled a racing career
September 21, 2016

Twenty year old Jonathan Sugianto credits cancer with launching his career in formula car racing. The same fighting spirit that, as a child, got him through leukemia treatment at City of Hope, is what he now uses on the track to compete.

Rodrigo Nunez
From sun scorched fields, to a career in nursing (W/VIDEO)
September 20, 2016

City of Hope patient Rodrigo Nunez went from working in sun scorched central California grape fields to a career in nursing. The inspiring turn of events began when he was treated here for aplastic anemia.