Enhanced Clinical Care

Helford Clinical Research Hospital offers one of the most advanced patient care environments in the world, integrating inpatient facilities, state-of-the-art imaging and laboratory services and rigorous safety measures.
In the hospital’s integrated clinical practice model, a patient’s caregivers - including physicians, surgeons, nurses, and clinical pharmacists - act as a team during the entire course of treatment. Patients maintain personal relationships with everyone involved in their care, from their first visit to City of Hope throughout their treatment and beyond. The facility’s design and equipment enable the medical team to collaborate more effectively, resulting in the greatest opportunity for successful treatment.
Built Expressly for Seriously Ill and Immune-Compromised Patients
Every aspect of Helford Hospital encompasses the goal of better serving patients battling cancer. The hospital’s capacity is among the largest in the United States for lifesaving hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT) , including bone marrow and stem cell transplantation (BMT), with an entire two floors dedicated to the needs of these patients.
Many City of Hope patients who undergo these treatments and others, including radiology and chemotherapy experience reduced white blood cell counts. Extensive measures protect their more vulnerable immune systems.
Rigorous anti-infection air control measures
Helford Hospital’s air pressure rooms prevent outside air from reaching patients without first passing through advanced air filtration systems. These rooms achieve 99.99 percent HEPA filtration, far exceeding the federal standard for isolation rooms and keeping germs and bacteria away from patient environments. HEPA filtration also is used throughout patient floors, providing even greater anti-infection protection while allowing patients freedom of movement outside their rooms.
Infection control alcoves
Located outside each patient room, these alcoves place hand-washing stations, gowns, gloves, and other supplies as close to patients as possible. Clinicians can wash their hands and access sterile equipment immediately before seeing patients, a primary method of minimizing the spread of germs.
Technically Advanced Surgical Suites
Helford Hospital’s 600-square-foot state-of-the-art surgical suites accommodate technologically sophisticated equipment with ample space for an extensive surgical team. The suites support inter-operative ultrasound, video-assisted surgery and new energy sources for laser surgery. Lights, anesthesia, and other equipment suspend from the ceiling, saving space and giving surgeons and attending staff greater flexibility. The suites are large enough to accommodate additional emerging surgical technologies.
Robotic technology
Continuing our long-standing commitment to pioneering cancer research and treatments, City of Hope now leads the way in robotic-assisted cancer surgeries. These minimally-invasive surgeries offer benefits to patients and doctors that traditional surgery and regular laparoscopic surgery cannot.
Lighting Details
Special surgical lights maximize both efficiency and comfort. These lights are designed to remain cool while burning very bright and provide plenty of light on the subject, even in the smallest of spaces.
Real-time Consultation
Integrated with City of Hope’s communications network, the audio-visual system in our surgical suites allows surgeons to confer with consulting surgeons, pathologists, and radiologists outside the operating room — even elsewhere around the globe. With video cameras and real-time audio/video streaming, surgical suites serve as virtual classrooms that allow off-site students and observers to view procedures as they are being performed.
PACS digital radiology services
Radiology at Helford Hospital is completely filmless, using a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). PACS is available on computers strategically located throughout the hospital, allowing physicians to easily access complex X-rays, MRIs, and other test results and facilitating closer contact between the clinic and the laboratory. PACS also allows clinicians to rapidly retrieve sequential studies and gauge a patient’s progress over time.
Additional Surgical Facilities
Helford Hospital’s surgical facilities also include two endoscopy operating rooms for routine procedures and screenings, such as colonoscopies; seven Level-1 recovery rooms for patients needing post-operative critical care; and 21 Level-2 recovery rooms for standard outpatient surgical procedures.
Digital Information Backbone
Helford Hospital’s advanced information “backbone,” which enables “paperless” efficiencies, incorporates fully digital, modern radiology systems and clinical applications. These technologies allow ready access to patient records, lab results and clinical systems from virtually anywhere in the hospital, while ensuring patient privacy is protected. The systems permit greater collaboration among medical staff, scientists, and others – across the City of Hope campus and around the world.
Sophisticated Imaging Tools
Helford Hospital houses the latest, most effective diagnostic equipment, including CAT scanning, MRI with MRI spectroscopy, PET CT scanning, Gamma Camera diagnostics, and other imaging tools. These technologies help ensure accurate diagnoses and facilitate new nonsurgical interventions, such as image-guided catheter placement to infuse drugs or other agents directly into tumors.
Advanced Patient Monitoring
Patient rooms include sophisticated headwall monitoring and reporting systems, which allow the care team to provide comprehensive supervision. Numerous outlets can support additional equipment and technologies.
Floor Plan Facilitates Close Patient Supervision
A unique floor configuration improves patient observation. In most hospitals, patient rooms are arranged around the perimeter of the floor, with a nurse station at the center. At Helford Hospital, all patient rooms are in the direct line of sight of a nurse station. Large interior windows allow nurses to monitor patients at all times and rapidly respond to their needs.
Advanced Pharmacy Services
Helford Hospital patients often undergo complex treatment, including chemotherapy and clinical trials of emerging therapies. These treatments and protocols demand highly advanced, continually reviewed pharmacy services and rapid delivery of medications.
Satellite Pharmacies for In-depth Pharmacist Involvement
Helford Hospital has a satellite pharmacy on each patient floor, placing clinical pharmacists closer to the patients they serve. These important members of the patient care team offer advice and expertise that extends far beyond dispensing medications, particularly when the treatment plan includes chemotherapy, investigational drugs or biological therapies. Clinical pharmacists work closely with patients throughout the course of their treatment and carefully manage progress, working in partnership with physicians on drug therapies, dosages, adjustments, sensitivities, and interactions.
Dosage Controls
Helford Hospital uses “smart” intravenous pumps with Guardrails® that act as virtual parameters, ensuring that medication is delivered in the appropriate dosage.