For Educators

Coordinated involvement of teachers and school administrators is critical for the educational success of students undergoing medical treatment and recovery. Our pediatric medical and supportive care team at City of Hope strongly believes that patients benefit immensely from the continued education and socialization that the school system provides. We look forward to working with you to help these students move forward in their education and development.

Contact our School Program Coordinator with any questions you may have regarding a student undergoing medical treatment or recovery.

City of Hope’s School Program provides the following services to help your students continue in educational success:
  • Re-entry service coordination between the hospital, school and family
  • Medical letters from physicians
  • Educational materials and information for school faculty and staff about the medical and psychological effects of treatment and recovery
  • On-site school presentations for fellow students
  • IEP and 504 recommendation assistance and hospital staff representation during on-site school planning meetings
Please let us know how we can be of assistance. It is our goal to help your students thrive academically and developmentally throughout their treatment and recovery.