Historical Milestones 1950 - present
City of Hope partners with University of California, Los Angeles to establish the Cancer Research Institute on the Duarte campus.

The so-called “cobalt bomb,” a radiation therapy machine developed by City of Hope scientists, is put into operation. The cobalt bomb delivered radiation to malignancies deep within the human body.

Executive Director Ben Horowitz unveils a master plan for a Pilot Medical Center that calls for enlarging patient care, research and medical education facilities, and for modernizing the physical plant. Horowitz’s vision includes pilot research and treatment programs in heart, blood and chest diseases, cancer and leukemia.

City of Hope’s Rachel Ayers, R.N., establishes the Department of Nursing Research to study and improve nursing practices.
President Richard M. Nixon declares the “War on Cancer” and authorizes $1.5 billion for cancer research over the next three years.

The Bone Marrow Transplantation program (BMT) accepts its first patients. The BMT program will grow to become one of the largest and most successful transplantation programs in the country.

Recombinant DNA techniques pioneered by City of Hope’s Arthur Riggs and Keiichi Ikatura lead to the development of synthetic human insulin (Humulin).

City of Hope changes its name again to City of Hope National Medical Center.

The research of John Rossi, Ph.D, and John Zaia, M.D., leads to an innovative use of ribonucleic acid (RNA) as a potential therapy to block the progress of the virus that causes AIDS.

The National Cancer Institute designates City of Hope as a Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The National Institutes of Health designates City of Hope as an Islet Cell Resource Center, one of only 10 in the country.

The Betty and Irwin Helford Clinical Research Hospital opens, replacing Hillquit Hospital. The Helford Hospital maximizes the human side of patient care and significantly increases City of Hope’s capacity for surgical procedures and programs such as the BMT.

Sheri Biller becomes chair of the City of Hope board of directors. She is the first woman to hold the top volunteer position. The City of Hope Medical Foundation is established.

City of Hope celebrates its 100th anniversary.