Is My Insurance Accepted?
For questions related to your specific coverage, please contact your insurance provider directly. You can find that phone number on your insurance card or in your benefits book. You can also call City of Hope New Patient Services at 800-826-HOPE (4673).

The following is a list of insurance companies with which City of Hope National Medical Center and City of Hope Medical Foundation currently contracts. City of Hope National Medical Center contracts for hospital/technical services only. City of Hope Medical Foundation contracts for physician services rendered at City of Hope National Medical Center and in our community practice sites.
You can also find out what, if any, co-payments and deductibles will be your responsibility. Please note that although we strive to keep this information current, it is subject to change without notice.

If you wish to receive treatment at a City of Hope location or with a City of Hope physician but we do not currently contract with your insurance plan, contact your insurance company and ask about obtaining authorization to receive treatment here.
Every medical situation - and every insurance plan - is different, and there is no guarantee that coverage can be secured. But it is reasonable to make this request, and to ask your insurance company to review the matter with City of Hope directly.
City of Hope National Medical Center
Contracted Insurance Companies
(Contracts for coverage of hospital/technical services)
City of Hope Medical Foundation
Contracted Insurance Companies and Medical Groups
(Contracts for coverage of physicians' professional services)
*Indicates insurance plans
Benefit Panel Services PPO
Benefit Panel Services (Multiplan) PPO
Blue Distinction Center for Transplant BMT
Care 1st Health Plan
LA Care Health Plan
LA Foundation for Medical Care PPO
LifeTrac Transplant Network BMT
Bright Medical Associates
Bristol Park Medical Group
Care 1st Health Plan
Coachella Valley Physicians of Prime Care
*Coventry Health PPO
*First Health Network PPO

HealthCare Partners