Library Information

Circulation Policies
Borrowing Privileges
Any City of Hope employee may check out books from the library after completing a library registration card available at the circulation desk. Selected others, e.g. students, visiting professionals, etc., may be granted temporary borrowing privileges.
If an item is in circulation, a reserve can be placed on it. When the item is returned, the patron who placed the reserve will be notified.
Lost Materials
Patrons are responsible for the cost of replacing items they lose plus a five dollar processing fee.
Books - 2 week
Journals - 24 hrs with special permission. no renewals.
A/V - 24 hrs, no renewal
Reference - Do not circulate
Reserved - Do not circulate
Library Services
The following is a brief description of some of  Graff Library 's services to patrons.
After Hours Access to the Graff Library
The library is staffed Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., but City of Hope staff and students may access the library anytime. Please request after hours library access by contacting Security at 626-256-4673, ext. 62006. To enter the library outside of business hours swipe your employee badge at the west door, located off the walkway between the library and Hilton building. Contact Security if you are unable to access the library using your badge, or if you observe inappropriate or suspicious behavior.
Document Delivery
Library staff will pull and copy journal articles for City of Hope patrons. Orders can be placed in person, over the phone, or by fax/mail. Departments will be billed for any applicable charges.
The librarians at Graff Library will help patrons with reference inquiries related to scientific and medical topics. Information from reference sources and bibliographies can be provided. Library staff also instruct patrons on how to access and search library-owned databases and the Internet. Requests for assistance can be submitted on written forms found at the circulation desk, by phone, email, or in person.
Interlibrary Loan
If an item is not owned by Graff Library, it may be possible to obtain it from another institution. Requests for interlibrary loans will be filled as quickly as possible. Rush requests can be faxed for an extra charge. To place a request, phone in or use a Graff ILL form. Delivery time depends on the lending library.
Online Search Services
Librarians will search commercial databases for patrons. The charge depends on the complexity and scope of the search. Patrons may make requests using our form or by phone or email.
Current Awareness Service
The library will provide patrons with photocopies of journal tables of contents upon request. This is an ongoing service; patrons will receive their selected TOC's as the journal issues are received in the library. Patrons can use the TOC's to identify and request articles for document delivery or Interlibrary loan. Patrons are encouraged to use the many electronic versions of TOC's and fulltext journals available through the library website.
Graff Library publications
Patrons interested in receiving any Graff Library publication by interdepartmental mail should contact the library to be placed on our mailing lists. There is no charge to receive library publications.
Microcomputer and Photocopy Services
Microcomputer Facilities
Networked computer stations are available in the library for patron use. Loaded on these computers are productivity software packages, access to MEDLINE and other scientific databases, and the Internet. Personal printing is 5 cents a page; 25 cents for color.
Self-Service Photocopy
Photocopy machines are available for patron use in the library. The charge for personal copies is 5 cents a page, or 25 cents for color.