Abstract for Grants

The objective of the City of Hope Light Microscopy Digital Imaging Core is to provide service, facilities and expertise to all City of Hope and Beckman Research Institute investigators who need high quality light microscopy images. The facility also seeks to provide state-of-the-art research platforms for automated microscopy experiments, advanced observation techniques and advanced digital image processing and analysis.
The Light Microscopy Digital Imaging Core has the following widefield light microscopes: Zeiss Observer Z1 for live-cell automated imaging in fluorescent or color imaging modes, Zeiss AxioVert 200 for fluorescent applications, Olympus AX70 upright for slide mounted specimens, Olympus IX81inverted for culture dish specimens, and an Olympus BX50 upright for fluorescent imaging. The facility also has confocal microscopes that include: Zeiss LSM510 2-Photon upright microscope, LSM510 META 2-Photon inverted microscope, LSM700 inverted microscope, and a Prairie Technologies Ultima 2-Photon microscope using a Coherent Chameleon Ultra II laser. The Core also has a Leica LMD7000 microscope system used for LASER MicroDissection and microirradiation experiments.
The Light Microscopy Digital Imaging Core is located in the Furth Building, Rooms F1113, F1114, and F1101.