MoLAR Meeting
The Meeting of LA area Receptor labs (MoLAR) is an informal meeting that provides a friendly forum for exchange of ideas and new and often unpublished research. MoLAR brings together labs in the Southern California region that study related fields of gene regulation and nuclear receptor function and mechanism. The topics span a wide array of biological contexts, including metabolism, diabetes and diabetic complications, cancer, cardiovascular biology and comparative physiology. The meeting aims to provide a small and collegial environment to discuss your projects, interact and network with leading scientists and their lab groups who are involved in related fields of research. It is a great opportunity for postdoctoral fellows and doctoral trainees to receive insightful feedback on their research from experts and to discover new areas for collaboration.  We encourage participation from all labs in attendance and the presentation of both projects in early stages (15 minute “poster” talks) or more developed stories in longer format talks (25 minutes). As always, the success of the conference comes from lively participation and interaction.
The following laboratories participate regularly in the MoLAR meeting:
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Lab Institution
Ruben Abagyan The Scripps Research Institute
David Ann City of Hope
Bruce Blumberg University of California at Irvine
Shiuan Chen City of Hope
Gerhard Coetzee University of Southern California
Andrea Hevener-Bell University of California at Los Angeles
Wendong Huang City of Hope
Janice Huss City of Hope
Chris Jamieson University of California at Los Angeles
Jeremey Jones City of Hope
Natasha Kralli The Scripps Research Institute
Katia Lamia The Scripps Research Institute
Rama Natarajan City of Hope
Enrique Saez The Scripps Research Institute
Yanhong Shi City of Hope
Frances M. Sladek University of California at Riverside
Michael Stallcup University of Southern California
Charles Stephensen University of California at Davis
Henry Sucov University of Southern California
Peter Tontonoz University of California at Los Angeles