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Join the Emerging Leaders Committee for an evening of food, drinks and Bocce ball, all to benefit City of Hope!
Friday, July 18 2014
5:00-11:00 PM
Campo di Bocce
175 East Vineyard Avenue
Livermore, CA 94550
5:00 PM- Event begins
6:00 PM- Tournament begins
7:00 PM- Free play

Tournament Information

If you are interested in playing in the Bocce tournament:
The tournament will take place from 6:00-8:00 pm.
12 teams consisting of 6 players each will compete in a single elimination bracket. This is first come first serve; no more than 6 players will be allowed on a team.
In order to sign up for a team, please contact Jessica at jlancy@coh.org with the following information:
  1. Your team name
  2. Team member names and email addresses

In order to participate in the tournament, you must arrive at the event no later than 5:45 PM. The tournament will begin promptly at 6:00 PM.
If all of your team members are not present and ready to play by 6:00 PM, you will automatically forfeit your spot in the tournament.

If you want to play Bocce for fun:
If you would like to enjoy a game of Bocce ball but don’t want to be part of the tournament, courts will be available for free play from 7-11 PM.

Bocce Ball Rules

Taken from the Campo di Bocce website:
The most important rule we have at Campo di Bocce of Livermore is to HAVE FUN! That one is easy because bocce is a BLAST!
We do have some house rules that we ask our guests to follow. The core of these rules are for your safety and the safety of our World Class courts.
  1. Please No FOOD or DRINK on the courts.

    Aside from the dangers of broken glass, spills and stains diminish the quality of our courts.  Please do enjoy your food or beverage at the courtside tables situated along each one of our courts.
  2. No high-heeled shoes.

    Our courts are vulnerable to tears and punctures when heels are worn.  Bocce is best played in low, soft heeled shoes for your safety.  If you forget to bring the proper shoes, we have clean and sanitary loaners for free.  Ask any staff member to assist you.
  3. Dress Code – All guests should wear proper attire (casual, comfortable) with proper shoes. Gentlemen – please no sleeveless shirts or tank tops.
  4. All members & non-members using the club facility MUST be 18 years or older or have immediate adult supervision.  Supervising adult must be present on the courts with minor.
With all these to consider, don't forget the most important rule is to HAVE FUN and PLAY BOCCE!

How to play the game
Plainly put-you get the big ball closer to the little ball.  Simplicity is fundamental to bocce as the object of the game is to get as many of your teams bocce balls as close to the target ball, the pallino, as possible. Teams can be comprised from one to six people. A toss of the coin determines who gets to throw out the pallino and the first bocce ball with the other team choosing the color of their balls. Play proceeds with the team that is furthest away rolling a ball to get closer and continues until that team either gets a ball closer or runs out of balls. At the end of the frame, the team with the most balls closest to the pallino scores. Only one team scores per frame with one point being awarded for every ball the scoring team has closer than the balls of the other team. The scoring team then puts the pallino in play the following frame. Play continues in this fashion until one team gets to 12 or 15 points depending on time constraints

At Campo di Bocce we introduce all of our guests to this “Open” style of play.  It is the easiest to learn and can be played by anyone from 2 to 102!  But, don’t be deceived.  We have a saying here at Campo di Bocce-"Bocce takes a five minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master!" 
For more information on the rules of Bocce, please visit:


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Event Details
Friday, July 18 2014
5:00-11:00 PM
Campo di Bocce
175 East Vineyard Avenue
Livermore, CA 94550
5:00 PM- Event begins
6:00 PM- Tournament begins
7:00 PM- Free play
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