Our Honorees

The Baer Family
In 1945, Melvin and Lucile Baer founded Baer's Home Outfitters in South Bend, Indiana, based on one simple concept: offer customers famous brands that they can trust, quality craftsmanship and lasting designs at tremendous discounts. It was there, under their parents' loving guidance, where Jimmie, Allan and Bobby were taught the retail furniture industry at every level. While the family-owned company continued to prosper in Indiana, the Baer's Florida vision started, when Bobby moved to Florida in 1968 and opened the Dania store. The elder Baers and the rest of the family eventually settled in South Florida and moved the business along with them. Today, Bobby is CEO and Allan is President along with the third generation in top management positions. They run a furniture dynasty that now has fifteen showcases and two warehouses. When your company bears your name, there is a special pride in everything you do for the customer and community. We are proud to continue with our founder's philosophy of making Baer's the finest premier furniture and design showcase


Alan Cole
Alan Cole has served as president and/or chief executive of two of the largest furniture companies in the industry. He was a partner in the leading mid-priced upholstery firm Berkline Corporation of Morristown, Tenn., where he served as president from 1991-1996. He served as president and chief executive of Lifestyle Furnishings International in 2000-2001, which at the time was the largest U.S. producer of home furnishings with revenues over $2 billion, with subsidiaries including Henredon, Drexel Heritage, Lexington Home Brands and Maitland-Smith. From 2004 to 2006, he was president and chief executive of Chicago-based Schnadig Corp. and was a member of the Hooker Furniture Corp Board in 2003. In 2007, he joined Hooker Furniture Corp. as Executive Vice President of Upholstery Operations, and subsequently was named President of Hooker Upholstery and currently serves as President of Hooker Furniture Corporation. Prior to joining Berkline in the 90s, Alan had been a long-time executive at Broyhill Furniture Industries.