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Northern California Food Industries Circle

Northern California Food Industries Circle

Since its inception in 1978, the Northern California Food Industries Circle (NCFIC) has represented a uniquely combined commitment among retailers, brokers, manufacturers, and associated vendors to support City of Hope’s humanitarian efforts.


The NCFIC’s Board of Directors , comprised of 70 leading executives from every corner of the trade, best exemplifies the scope of this industry-wide volunteer effort. Joined by hundreds of companies and colleagues who participate in the annual fundraising campaign, these dedicated individuals have consistently met and exceeded their goals and raised more than $24 million to support the lifesaving research, treatment and education programs at City of Hope.


For more information, please contact Anne Campanella at 800-732-7140 or acampanella@coh.org.



Saturday, June 14, 2014
2014 Bike to Hope
Patterson, CA

Friday, July 18, 2014
Saturday, August 23, 2014
36th Annual Festival Ball
Westin St. Francis
San Francisco, CA

November 8, 2014
NCFIC Marathon Team
Marathon Santa Barbara, CA

Friends for Hope

Friends for Hope is a new personal giving club made up of members of the Northern California Food Industries Circle (NCFIC) who wish to contribute to City of Hope and its lifesaving research.


Participation in Friends for Hope through an annual personal donation provides a unique opportunity to support City of Hope beyond corporate participation in the industry initiative.


Membership is recommitted annually and various contribution levels are available, starting at $250. Benefits of membership are based on the level of contribution and are listed below:


  • $1,000 – A 14-karat gold City of Hope lapel pin and membership listing in the audio visual program at the annual NCFIC Festival Ball
  • $500 – A City of Hope lapel pin and membership listing in the audio visual program at the annual NCFIC Festival Ball
  • $250 – Membership listing in the audio visual program at the annual NCFIC Festival Ball
Please download the membership pledge form for your convenience. For more information about Friends for Hope, contact Heather Olinto at 415-369-0370 or holinto@coh.org.

NCFIC Board of Directors

Steve Junqueiro
Save Mart Supermarkets
Executive Board
Kevin Curry
Tracy Lape
NuCal Foods Inc.
Henry Michon
Thomas Lee
Dick MacKnight
H S & R Sales and Marketing Solutions
Barry Johnson
Don Reid
Encore Associates Inc.
Kim Yates
Lucerne Foods
Thomas Lee
Jim Arnold
Southern Wine & Spirits
Steve Martinez
The Performance Group - North
Rich Arnold
Betsy McCort
Southern Wine & Spirits
Dave Basque
Bimbo Bakeries USA
Bill McGrath
Denise Bartow-Capone
Tony Melo
Acosta Sales & Marketing
Tom Branich
ConAgra Foods
Jeff Millard
Hillshire Brands
Jim Blumling
Safeway Inc.
Tina Muscara
Southern Wine & Spirits
Chris Brady
Larry Nonn
Greg Calistro
Save Mart Supermarkets
John O’Connor
Natural Specialty Sales
Ed Cambra
C.B.S. Food Equipment
Tom Oneto
Adobe Sales
Hae Carberry
Hillshire Brands
Brian Orr
Ready Pac Foods
Hae Carberry
Hillshire Brands
Valerie Oswalt
Beth Colombini
Peet’s Coffee & Tea
Arturo Perez
Mission Foods
Alex Corbishely
Safeway Inc.
Steve Rodriguez
Advantage Sales & Marketing
Beth Colombini
Peet’s Coffee & Tea
Andrea Rodriguez
Trinchero Estates
Alex Corbishely
Safeway Inc.
Dave Rostratter
Advantage Sales & Marketing
Sheila Crandell
Ciao Bella
Dan Sawchuk
Del Monte Foods
Lynn Davies
G.L. Mezzetta, Inc.
Maria Schabbing
Epicentro Marketing Services
Karin DeBoer
Clif Bar & Company
Brian Schmidt
Acosta Sales & Marketing
Rhoda DeCent
Advantage Sales & Marketing
Peggy Slattery
Advantage Sales & Marketing
Ryan Elliott
Gallo Sales Company
Randy Slentz
Save Mart Supermarkets
Jeannie Esquivel
Unified Grocers
Luke Smith
LUCA Enterprise, LLC
Jacob Forsberg
Young’s Market Company
Jeff Snadow
CIGA Association
Jim French
Chris Spangler
H S & R Sales and Marketing Solutions
Melissa Galliani
Cumulus Media
Chris Spangler
H S & R Sales and Marketing Solutions
Bob Garibaldi
Unified Grocers
Debbie Steele
Vince Garibaldi
Kathy Stewart
SaveMart Supermarkets
Vince Garibaldi
Mike Stigers
Bill Harrington
H S & R Sales and Marketing Solutions
Julie Swick
Sunset/Time Inc.
Jay Hernandez
Del Monte Foods
Marc Swisher
Greg Herrle
Gallo Sales Company
Timme Taylor
Hansen’s (Monster Energy Company)
Chris Holverson
Local Focus Ltd.
Stan Urbanske
Peet's Coffee & Tea
Jerry Jenson
The Performance Group
Marylou Ureta
POM Wonderful/Paramount Farms
Robert Johnson
Jim Van Gorkom
NuCal Foods Inc.
Sean Kelly
Gary Wallner
Russell Leonard
Del Monte Foods
James White
Acosta Sales & Marketing
Jennifer Lessner
DFV Wines
Bob Wilson
Nestle DSD
Jennifer Lessner
Acosta Sales & Marketing
Karen Wolf
Peet's Coffee & Tea
Mark Ly
Sugar Bowl Bakery
Peter Wynkoop

San Francisco Fundraising Office

Emerging Professionals

The Northern California Food Industries Circle (NCFIC) is launching an
Emerging Leaders Committee (ELC) that will focus on cultivating future
leadership and developing new innovative ways to fundraise while also
increasing awareness for City of Hope. 

The purpose of the group is: Development, Outreach and Social Impact.

For more information please visit the NCFIC Emerging Professionals page.

Employee Giving

City of Hope’s Employee Giving Program is a simple and efficient yet significant way for your company to make a difference in the lives of people in your community and throughout the world.

Every dollar you contribute and fundraising activity you plan support our pioneering research and treatment programs, as well as create an environment of goodwill among your employees.

City of Hope’s employees are proud participants of our own Employee Giving program. Nearly half of all City of Hope employees deduct funds from their paycheck to support City of Hope’s lifesaving work.
What is an employee giving/payroll pledge program?
Payroll pledge programs (also called payroll deduction) are one of the easiest, most efficient ways for organizations to raise money to support City of Hope’s research. For as little as $1 or more each week, employees can help make a difference in the fight against life-threatening diseases.

To find out more about City of Hope’s Employee Giving program, contact Mindy finkelstein at mfinkelstein@coh.org.
What are the benefits?
Advantages for the company:
  • Creates good community relations.
  • Demonstrates good corporate citizenship and helps improve brand, image and reputation in the community.
  • Produces larger employee gifts because of budgeted payments.
  • Sends a strong message it is interested in engaging employees.
Advantages for the employee:
  • Allows employees to make a significant contribution without a sudden cash expense.
  • Increases employee morale by creating a feeling of teamwork between employees and their employer.
  • Employees learn about services that can benefit them and their families.
Who is participating?
  • Save Mart Supermarkets

  • Co-Sales

  • The Performance Group- North

Matching Gifts
Did you know that many companies will double or even triple your donation to City of Hope?

More information on Gift Matching >>


Contact Us
Heather Olinto
Associate V.P., Western Region
Mindy Finkelstein
Director of Philanthropy
Anne Campanella
Event Coordinator

Jessica Lancy
Event Coordinator
For general inquiries, please contact us:
601 Montgomery, Ste 1800
San Francisco, CA 94111
800-732-7140 toll free
415-788-1007 fax
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Thursday, February 27, 2014
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Emerging Leaders Kickoff
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