Upcoming Nursing Research Conferences, 2014
National ELNEC Courses: 
For more information about ELNEC & registration, please visit www.aacn.nche.edu/elnec *Indicates that course will be offered and sponsored by Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association (HPNA)
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • Feb. 27-28, 2014: Glendale, CA
  • June 26-27, 2014: Washington, DC
  • April 10-11, 2014: Dallas, TX
  • *June 18-19, 2014: St. Paul, MN
  • *July 29-30, 2014: Washington, DC
  • *Oct. 20-22, 2014: Orlando, FL
  • April 10-11, 2014: Dallas, TX
  • *July 29-30, 2014: Chicago, IL
  • April 10-11, 2014: Dallas, TX
ELNEC-Critical Care
  • April 10-11, 2014: Dallas, TX
ELNEC-Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN)
  • May 7-8, 2014: Durham, NC
  • Aug. 21-22, 2014: Portland, OR
Further Educational Opportunities
ExCEL In Social Work: Excellence in Cancer Education & Leadership
For more information and to apply, visit the course website or contact, Maggie Johnson: ExCEL@coh.org 626-256-4673 ext. 63202
Stress, Self-Care, and Well-Being for Nurses
This two-day seminar will provide didactic and experiential learning opportunities presented by nationally known faculty members to nurses at all levels of the organization and across all specialties.  The content will focus on stress and its effects, individually oriented self-care techniques, strategies for promoting self-care in the workplace, and techniques that promote nurses well-being.  Nursing leaders will find approaches presented in implementing pro-active self-care programs in the workplace. Contact, Licet Garcia: ligarcia@coh.org 626-256-4673 ext. 63130.
Clinical Trials Training
Contact: Liz Gourdine, mgourdine@coh.org 626-256-4673 ext. 63488.
  • June 5-6, 2014: Monrovia, CA
Spiritual Care at the Heart of Patient-Centered Care
This two day course will provide transdisciplinary healthcare professionals the opportunity to focus on aspects of spiritual care needs of patients throughout the trajectory of illness, as well as address their own spiritual care needs. This conference will focus on providing insight and strategies for better spiritual care of patients in the areas of communication, pediatrics, social work and chaplaincy, palliative medicine, psychology, survivorship, soul pain, prisons and, other cultures.  Also covered are issues of forgiveness, anger with God, and a physician’s personal insight into her own spiritual needs as a patient and how that ultimately affected her practice. Contact, Yvonne Rodriguez: yvrodriguez@coh.org 626-256-4673 ext. 62987.
Preparing Professional Nurses for Cancer Survivorship Care
Visit the course website. or contact: Liz Gourdine: mgourdine@coh.org 626-256-4673 ext. 63488.
Pain Resource Nurse (PRN) Training Course
Visit the course website. and contact: Maggie Johnson, mjohnson@coh.org 626-256-4673 ext. 63202.
  • August 26, 27, 28, 2014: Pasadena, CA