Scheduling Equipment
Scheduling of the 500 MHz is on a first come first serve basis for routine usage with experimental times less than 3 hours. For usage of more than 3 hours, users should send a request to the facility manager by noon on the Monday before the experiment in order to book the time for that week. If the facility Manager is not available, users can send requests to Dr. Yuan Chen for scheduling. The facility manager or Dr. Yuan Chen will put the schedule on the web calendar after receiving the requests.
The 600 MHz is dedicated to biomolecular studies because of the resolution and TROSY effect associated with higher field strength for large molecules. Since most of the experiments on the 600 MHz are long, scheduling will be made on a monthly basis, and the longest period that can be booked is two weeks. The required experimental time with biomolecular studies is less predictable, and therefore, the facility manager needs to work closely with the user in order to make effective usage of 600 MHz. Users need to send requests to the facility manager or Dr. Yuan Chen if the facility manager is not available during the first three-day period of that month to reserve the instrumental time for that month.
City of Hope users can find the schedule by going to Microsoft Outlook and clicking on Calendar->Folder List->Public folders->NMR Usage->500 MHz/600 MHz.