Occupational Therapy

City of Hope's Occupational Therapy program focuses on restoring skills and teaching adaptive techniques to help patients resume their day-to-day lives with the greatest independence possible.

Comprehensive Breast Cancer Program
Our Occupational Therapists have developed a comprehensive breast cancer rehabilitation treatment program. Patients are evaluated by an Occupational Therapist prior to surgery where baseline status is determined. Patients are provided with education regarding exercise and activity to begin immediately following surgery and are followed up until the patient has regained her arm range of motion and resumed day to day activities.
Building Endurance and Function
Cancer patients can sometimes encounter difficulties performing normal everyday tasks as a result of fatigue or limitations in physical function. Occupational therapists assist patients in addressing these problems by using a combination of adaptive techniques, energy conservation measures and the use of specialized equipment.
Adaptive Techniques and Equipment for Activities of Daily Living
Occupational Therapists are uniquely qualified to develop adaptive techniques or suggest adaptive equipment to assist patients in achieving the highest level of independence in day to day functioning as possible. Often a combination of exercise, habit change, and use of equipment lead to the restoration of one's independence after physical changes brought about by cancer or its treatment.
City of hope offers lymphedema assessment and treatment by Certified Lymphedema Therapists. (See Lymphedema Program).
If you would like to be evaluated by an Occupational Therapist, please ask your physician for a referral.