City of Hope Ovarian Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

City of Hope is at the forefront of some of the nation’s most promising ovarian cancer research and treatment programs. We conduct vital research and clinical trials to improve treatment and quality of life for women living with the disease, and early detection and prevention of ovarian cancer for all women.
City of Hope's commitment to this crucial biomedical field will not only serve City of Hope patients, but the scientific knowledge generated here is shared with other top cancer centers across the country. This ensures that the most advanced therapies help women afflicted with ovarian cancer everywhere, every day.

Learn more about our clinical trials program and specifically about trials for ovarian cancer.
Clinical Research

Novel Chemotherapy Agents

We are studying the effectiveness of several new chemotherapy options for treating women with recurrent ovarian cancer.
  • City of Hope is collaborating with the National Cancer Institute on clinical trials of new ovarian cancer drugs including Bryostatin, a novel protein kinase C inhibitor derived from a mollusk which has been shown to be active in the treatment of ovarian cancer and also provides synergy when administered with platinum agents.
  • New dose-intensive approaches utilizing stem cell support to overcome the toxicity of chemotherapy are ongoing in patients with ovarian cancer who have residual or recurrent disease, which is responsive to chemotherapy.
  • Novel intraperitoneal (abdominal) chemotherapy trials are in progress. Gemcitabine, a recently approved chemotherapeutic agent active in ovarian cancer has recently been shown by City of Hope clinical investigators to have excellent potential as an intraperitoneal agent.
Radioimmunotherapy to Treat Ovarian Malignancy

This research study evaluates radiolabeled antibodies and standard therapy compared to standard therapy alone in patients with ovarian cancer.