Pancreatic Cancer Research and Clinical Trials

There is extensive collaboration between City of Hope clinicians and researchers to develop and evaluate new pancreatic cancer therapies designed to improve survival and quality of life outcomes. City of Hope patients have access to a wide variety of clinical trials ranging from new chemotherapy and targeted therapies, novel surgical techniques and new radiation approaches — all focused on enhancing  treatment, detection and prevention of pancreatic cancer.
Some of our current research projects:
  • City of Hope is part of a trial to test an investigational drug called PEGPH20, which can dismantle pancreatic cancer cells’ defense against chemotherapy. The drug does so by reducing levels of hyaluronan, a substance that can create a barrier around tumors and reduce effectiveness of anti-cancer drugs. In this study, patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer will receive standard chemotherapy with or without PEGPH20 to see if adding this drug will improve outcomes.
  • Despite advances in treatments, pancreatic cancer has a high likelihood of recurrence. Joseph Kim, M.D., is currently conducting a trial comparing the blood samples of healthy adults and pancreatic cancer patients to see if there are any DNA abnormalities that can be detected, with the hope of designing a highly sensitive DNA test that can catch cancer recurrence and spread at its earliest stages. Ultimately, this will improve treatment planning and evaluation, and it can enable the care team to intervene faster.
  • Pancreatic cancer and its treatments can be a source of burden for the patient that significantly affects his or her well-being. City of Hope is currently designing a palliative/supportive care program to see if timely interventions (i.e. inquiring patients about physical/emotional/social issues throughout their treatment and then connecting them with appropriate resources) can reduce worry and improve their quality of life, improving the overall care experience.
If you have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer or are looking for a second opinion consultation about your treatment, find out more about becoming a patient by calling 800-826-HOPE or filling out the Request a New Patient Appointment Online form.