Future of Hope Chapter

Future of Hope is a group comprised of affluential New York City up-and-coming young professionals. Many of the members of Future of Hope are 2nd and 3rd generation City of Hope supporters that are now carrying on the Mission of City of Hope. Future of Hope has hosted events in New York’s hottest nightclubs and venues, raising $40,000 in just 6 months.

This young group is carrying the torch and continuing the support of City of Hope’s ground-breaking Cancer, Diabetes and HIV/AIDS research. City of Hope has been leading the way in new treatments to many life-threatening diseases for over 100 years, and Future of Hope is preparing City of Hope for the next century.

For more information about Future of Hope, or to learn more about upcoming events, contact Jocelyn Levy at Jocelyn.Levy@gmail.com or call 917-658-6452.
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