Our 2014 Rose Parade Float
At City of Hope, everything we do is powered by hope. And that includes parade floats. For 100 years, City of Hope has been dedicated to saving lives, raising hope and making dreams come true.
For 40 years, City of Hope has celebrated the New Year with an entry in the annual Tournament of Roses Parade. The 2014 parade theme, “Dreams Come True,” sets the stage for City of Hope’s entry, “Turning Hope and Dreams into Reality,” which will feature riders whose dreams have been made possible by the team at City of Hope. Inspired by the wishing trees that line the entrance to City of Hope’s campus, City of Hope’s parade entry will feature trees crafted entirely of flowers and natural materials, as required by parade tradition.

Your Wishes at Work: Survivor Stories

Christine Pechera

In 2003, Christine asked her parents
to take her to the Rose Parade in
Pasadena, fearing it would be her
last. Thanks to a lifesaving bone marrow
transplant, Christine will ride the 2014
float fulfilling her childhood dream.
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Charlie Habib

When Charlie’s mom, Melissa noticed
an unusual bump on her baby girl she
worried but her doctor dismissed it. As
most mother’s do, she was determined
to find an answer and she did.
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Hannah Komai

In 2010, when Hannah was diagnosed
with osteosarcoma, she refused to let
it stop her. After several surgeries and
intense chemotherapy, she is cancer
freeand looking to help kids on their
own  cancer journey.
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Julie Campoy

I was already well familiar with
City of Hope long before I was
diagnosed with breast cancer
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Kommah McDowell

In March of 2005, one month after
my29th birthday, my best friend
proposed to me and we were set
to be married on Oct. 29, 2005.
Three months later, I was
diagnosed with triple negative
inflammatory breast cancer. Not to
mention if I did survive, I would not be
able to have children.
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John Cloer

My name is John Cloer and I'm a
healthy 12-year-old, but a long time
ago I had cancer. Just before my third
birthday I didn't feel well. My mom
thought I had the flu since it was winter,
but when I wouldn't even eat a piece
of candy, we went to the doctor.

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Stephanie Hosford

In the summer of 2007, I was 37
years old, a happily married mother
of one, living a relaxed and healthy
lifestyle in Southern California. We
were in the final months of the waiting
period for an international adoption.

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Bishop J. Jon Bruno

After returning home from cancer
treatment at City of Hope in May
2012, J. Jon Bruno was astonished
to see his Pasadena, Calif., family room
crowded with mail bags filled
with more
than 25,000 handwritten letters.

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Ben Teller

Dreams - when one is a child -
often get taken for granted. They are
often bedtime stories parents tell their
children in a land where anything is
possible. That’s who I was pre-cancer,
young, naive and full of dreams of
college, friends, exciting careers
and independence.

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