City of Hope Giving Overview

How to Help
Explore the many ways you can turn your concern into action, including contributing funds online, honoring someone with a gift, volunteering, donating blood or bone marrow, creating corporate partnerships and sponsorships, and more.
Planned Giving
Learn about numerous City of Hope gift plans that can be tailored to meet your individual needs, from providing a steady stream of income to reducing estate taxes.
Fundraising Support Groups
Participate in one of the dozens of philanthropic cancer research fundraising groups throughout the country that believe in the work we do – and support their belief with time and resources.
Make a difference in the fight to eradicate cancer, HIV/AIDS and other diseases by joining a local chapter dedicated to furthering City of Hope’s lifesaving mission.
Fundraising Events
Join donors, volunteers and industry partners from across the nation who advance our mission by participating in cancer fundraising events scheduled throughout the year.
Walk for Hope
Make a difference in the fight against breast cancer by joining tens of thousands of other humanitarians in our Walk for Hope events, inspiring, noncompetitive walks that raise funds and donations to support our breast cancer research, treatment and education programs.
Regional Fundraising Offices
Contact one of our development offices for more information about how you can make a difference.