Speech and Language Pathology

Sometimes treatments for cancer  can cause temporary or permanent changes in speech, communication, swallowing, or cognitive skills. Through retraining or the use of prosthetic devices, these effects can often be minimized or, in some instances, reversed.
City of Hope’s Speech and Language Pathologists are experts at restoring speech to patients who have undergone a variety of surgical and reconstructive procedures. They provide training in the most up to date techniques for alternative speech, including a variety of voice prostheses.
Our Speech and Language Pathologists are also experts at treating swallowing disorders. They are an integral part of the Head and Neck Team and work closely with the surgeons, dieticians, and oncologists to ensure the best possible outcomes.
Cognitive Deficits
They also provide treatment for cognitive disorders that may arise from the cancer or as a result of the treatment, including memory and other cognitive exercises, and adaptive strategies.
If you would like to be evaluated by a Speech and Language Pathologist, please ask your physician for a referral.