The Patient Experience
Helford Clinical Research Hospital was designed to meet both our patients’ medical and human needs, providing the foremost in cancer treatment in an environment of warmth, openness and comfort.
Patient Rooms
Designed to create a soothing, positive environment, Helford Hospital incorporates glass, wood tones, and warm colors in patient rooms and public areas. Natural light is abundant throughout, reducing the sense of seclusion and creating a more natural, healing atmosphere.
All patient rooms have 12-foot-tall windows, many with breathtaking views of the San Gabriel Valley and Mountains. Picture windows that frame each corridor overlook City of Hope’s beautiful gardens.
Special Considerations for Family and Loved Ones
Because City of Hope believes that the support of families and loved ones is critical to a patient’s ability to fight disease, patient rooms and floors include ample accommodations for guests. Patient rooms are equipped with a comfortable sleeper chair for overnight visitors and have Internet access for keeping in touch. All patient floors also have family lounges that provide loved ones with more comforts of home and the ability to interact more with patients during their treatment, without having to leave the premises for meals or wait in public lobbies.
The hospital’s Pediatric Family Center provides special accommodations for pediatric and adolescent patients, including a playroom, a teen room, a family lounge with kitchenette and a library.
Helford Hospital’s nondenominational chapel and meditation room offer patients and their families a peaceful retreat for prayer and spiritual reflection.
On the ground floor, the Helford Hospital gift shop offers personal items, including toiletries, pajamas, and robes, which can make an overnight stay more comfortable for family members. A bistro offers beverages and snacks in a relaxed, indoor/outdoor setting and vending machines for after-hours visitors.
Utmost Privacy
All of Helford Hospital’s patient rooms are private with adjoining private bathrooms. Internal windows have shaded privacy bands that still allow for clear sightlines between patients and nurses. Window coverings can be lowered when more privacy is desired. Patients move about the facility by way of private, quiet transportation corridors shared only with hospital staff, a thoughtful design touch that eliminates the need to transport patients through areas where other people might be present.
Designed for a Patient’s Priority: Quiet
Separate, internal areas house all support services, from ice machines to supply and utility rooms, reducing disturbance to patients and instead providing a peaceful, quiet environment. Even the furnishings and fabrics on patient floors were selected with noise reduction in mind.
One Room Throughout the Continuum of Care
Each of the hospital’s patient rooms can accommodate patients battling the most serious diseases. Eighteen rooms support intensive care unit (ICU) patients and the rest are equipped at a level far exceeding standard hospital rooms, with the ability to accommodate all but the most critical patients. As a result, patients can often stay in one room throughout their treatment, eliminating the need for unsettling moves.
City of Hope scientists continuously strive to discover new, more effective ways to diagnose, treat and, ultimately, prevent cancer. Clinical trials are an integral step in this process.After rigorous laboratory research has been completed and shows promise, a clinical trial may be initiated. Conducted under meticulous controls, trials enable researchers to learn more about new procedures and treatments, in an effort to improve outcomes for patients and advance medical science.
Designed with great care to answer specific research questions while ensuring the safety of participants, clinical trials allow patients access to new drugs and treatments before they are widely available. Because all factors in clinical trials must be controlled and recorded for the trials to be successful, patients who participate receive exceptional attention and care.
To view a searchable list of clinical trials currently under way at City of Hope, visit Clinical Trials On-Line .
Commited to Safety
Research is integral to who we are and to the level of care we provide.  Helford Clinical Research Hospital enables us to deliver the safest, most advanced patient care possible, while forging new breakthroughs in biomedical research.