Thesis Requirements
A thesis is required of all trainees. The thesis consists of a research project – chosen from relevant work during the training period – approved by both the research mentor and the Executive Committee (including the principal investigator and primary mentor from the Career Development Program). Trainees write their theses in the form of a grant proposal (PHS398 format; requirement for the research traineeship), the “preliminary results” section of which will contain data derived from the trainee’s approved research project.

For the Master's degree, the doctoral trainee is examined by a Thesis Committee consisting of three faculty/researchers at City of Hope/University of Southern California (USC), including a Committee Chair, who must have an adjunct or full appointment at USC, and has primary responsibility in approving the final project. Drs. Weitzel (City of Hope) and Azen (USC) are standing members of thesis committees. Both have USC appointments, and Dr. Weitzel is one of at least two mentors assigned to physician trainees. This ensures appropriate use of epidemiology principles in study design as well as sound biostatistical analysis. The Department of Preventive Medicine at USC is committed to the continued development of specialized coursework in genetic epidemiology, as well as to ongoing collaboration with the Division of Clinical Cancer Genetics in chemoprevention treatment protocols.