What People Say

"During my 10 months of almost continuous hospitalization at City of Hope, I was able to maintain my 'normalcy,' largely due to the approach of the hospital staff and the Positive Image CenterSM. They incorporated all aspects of my life into their plan of care. I dressed in street clothes every day, complete with wig, makeup, jewelry and even high-heeled shoes. The staff of the Positive Image CenterSM supplied me with nail polish, hair and skin care products, as well as washed my rotating wigs so I was able to wear them continuously. They offered advice on how to treat my hair and scalp in preparation for regrowth. All in all, they helped me have a 'positive image.'"
 - Micki, breast cancer patient

"The Positive Image CenterSM played an extremely important part in my victory over breast cancer. The word 'cancer' brings frightening thoughts and feelings to mind. I knew that it was vital for my recovery to remain positive and keep healthy thoughts. Losing my breast, all of my hair and not feeling my best could have been devastating to me. I firmly believe it would have been harder to recover if I had that state of mind. My experience with the Positive Image CenterSM was so uplifting to my spirit. It made me feel normal and healthy and gave me the courage to fight the disease and go on with my life in a normal way."
- Jill, breast cancer patient
"Treatment for cancer can leave an individual with many physical changes that can greatly impact self-esteem, body image and a sense of physical attractiveness - all of which can lead to difficulty adjusting to being a cancer survivor. The services and products at the Positive Image CenterSM at City of Hope assist individuals with improving their body image and enhancing the positive impact of their illness and recovery. Positive quality of life and well-being are very important goals of recovery, and can help lead an individual to living a fulfilling and meaningful life."
- Rhonda Sherman, Ph.D., supportive care psychologist, City of Hope