Filter Cubes

The following are filter cubes available in the Light Microscopy Digital Imaging Core.
IX81 Microscope
BX50 Microscope AX70 Microscope
U-M640 (Green Emission)
460-490 Excitation
U-MWB (Green Emission)
450-480 Excitation
U-MWIBA (Green Emission)
460-490 Excitation
U GFP Piston Bandpass
(Green Emission)
451-490 Excitation
U-MNG (Red Emission)
530-550 Excitation
U-MSWG (Red Emission)
480-550 Excitation
U-M660 WG (Red Emission)
510-550 Excitation
U-MNUA (Blue Emission)
360-385 Excitation
U-MNUA (Blue Emission)
360-385 Excitation
Texas Red (Red Emission)
543-588 Excitation
U-M620 WU2 (Blue Emission)
330-385 Excitation
Additional Cubes (Fit Olympus microscopes)
Yellow GFP (YFP)
Ex 500/20
Em 535/30
U-GFP Piston
(Green Emission)
Ex 470/40
Em 515/30
Q DOT Em 525/40

Q DOT Em 565/40
Cyan GFP (CFP)
Ex 436/20
Em 480/40
Ex 602/13
Em 631/23
Q DOT Em 605/20
Q DOT Em 655/40
TRITC (Very Red)
Ex 545/30
Em 596/60