Zeiss Axio Observer Z1 Inverted

Observation Methods
Phase Contrast (5x only)
Digital Imaging Cameras
Hamamatsu EMCCD C9100-13 Monochrome Camera
Very sensitive camera for high speed fluorescence acquisition.
Back-Thinned 512x512 pixel chip, 16um x 16um pixels, 31.9fps to 404fps* acquisition speed (*with gain, binning, and sub-array), Quantum Efficiency ~95%.
Zeiss MRc5 Digital Color Camera
Camera allows 36-bit color images to be acquired in high resolution due to small pixel size and large array (3.4umpixels, 2584x1936).
Available Objectives
  • 5X/0.16NA Plan-NeoFluar Phase
  • 10X/0.5NA Fluar DIC
  • 25X/0.8NA LCI PlanApo Multi Immersion DIC, Correction Collar, LD (working distance 570um)
  • 40X/0.95 PlanApo DIC
  • 63X/1.3NA Plan-NeoFluar Multi Immersion DIC, Correction Collar (working distance 170um)

Microscope also equipped with Optovar that can increase magnification by 1.6X (i.e., 25X * 1.6X = 40X).


Filter Cube Spectra:
#49 Ex; G369nm, Beam Splitter; FT395, Emision; 445/50 (DAPI)
#38 Ex; BP470/40, Beam Splitter; FT495, Emission; 525/50 (eGFP)
#43 Ex; BP545/25, Beam Splitter; FT570, Emission; 605/70 (DS Red)
#50 Ex; BP640/30, Beam Splitter; FT660, Emission; 690/50 (Far Red)


Computer and Software
DELL OptiPlex 755 Computer

Intel 2 Duo Processor (3GHz), 256MB ATI Radeon 2400XT video card, Dual DELL 19” Flat Panel Monitors, 4GB RAM.

Zeiss AxioVision software version 4.8
Capable of automated Multi Dimensional Acquisition imaging for; Time-Lapse, Z-stacks, Tiling, Multiple Positions, and Multi-Color.


Pecon / Zeiss Incubation System
Large heated enclosure, heated stage insert, and CO2 control. Can be automated via TFT or in AxioVision.

Last updated: 2013