Abstract for Grants

The X-ray core atBeckman Research Institute of City of Hope is a state-of-the-art crystallization and X-ray facility. This facility houses a Mosquito Crystallization robot that uses 50 to 100 nL volumes and permits three different crystallization formats; hanging drop, sitting drops or batch methods under oil. The facility has multiple commercial crystallization factorials (e.g., Hampton, Jena, Nextal), that are frequently used, such that they are always fresh. It has also developed protocols for rapid optimization of individual conditions.
To follow crystallization trials, two Formulatrix Imaging Robots are used that automatically image each drop, according to a preset schedule (e.g., nightly). This allows follow-up of crystallization trends at two temperatures and produces a visual record for analysis.
For diffraction studies, a Rigaku 007HF generator with an R-axis IV++ imager has been purchased. An Oxford cryojet permits data collection at 100 K to reduce radiation damage.
The facility has all the software and computational hardware necessary to determine structures of macromolecular complexes.