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2022 Hopeful Holiday Gift Guide: Cancer Patients

If you’re looking for a holiday gift for yourself or a cancer patient in your life, we’ve got you covered. Here are six gift ideas that will bring comfort and joy to the people who need it most.

Gift Baskets

If you have a larger budget, gift baskets or boxes are a nice option for cancer patients. Companies like Rock the Treatment and HumanKind offers gift boxes are thoughtfully curated with cancer patients in mind. The items in each box are tailored to the stage a patient is at on their cancer journey, and both companies offer a variety of boxes at varying price points.

The Peace and Pampering Care Package from Spoonful of Comfort is like a hug in a box. It includes a cozy throw blanket, fuzzy socks, hand cream, lip balm, tea, a candle and a coloring book with pencils. Perfect for cancer patients in treatment who need some extra TLC, especially during the holidays.


Perfect for patients undergoing chemotherapy, especially pediatric patients, these Warmies are soft, cuddly stuffed animals you can warm quickly in the microwave, offering a calming, comforting hug when you wrap your arms around them. They are also scented with French lavender to add an element of aromatherapy. The company also makes slippers, socks, neck wraps, eye masks and heating pads to keep you toasty during the cold winter months.

Bath and Body Products

For skin that feels extra dry and dehydrated due to cancer treatment, look for thick moisturizing creams with ceramides or lotions with soothing ingredients like aloe and oat.

Other options include Bryght’s Strength Repair Balm and Courage Facial Comfort Cream, which help give you the moisture and hydration you need.

Bryght’s founder, Luba Sasowski, is a breast cancer survivor, and she created this line of skin care products to help those fighting the same battle she knows all too well. On the Bryght website, you can also find encouraging necklaces and apparel for cancer patients.

CV Skinlabs is another skin care brand that makes moisturizing lotions, balms and sprays designed to soothe and relieve even the driest, most inflamed skin.

Laundry Service

The last thing you want to deal with when going through cancer is cleaning. Gifting laundry services using an app like Rinse or a local dry cleaner you trust can help the cancer patient in your life spend less time worrying about chores and more time focusing on what matters most: their health.

The Cancer Diet Cookbook: Comforting Recipes for Treatment and Recovery

Is your loved one a foodie? This cookbook, written specifically for cancer patients, offers 100 tasty and simple recipes, created to help address cancer treatment symptoms and boost immunity.

Meditation Apps

So often we focus on the physical health of cancer patients more than their mental and emotional health. Giving  gift subscriptions to meditation apps like Calm and Headspace can help patients cope if they are experiencing anxiety, sleep disturbances, grief, stress and other mental health challenges due to their diagnosis.