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Getting Started

Connecting with Friends and Family

One of the best parts of being an ourHope fundraiser is having the chance to engage your loved ones in the cause that’s closest to your heart.

Think about your fundraising strategy like peeling an onion from the inside out. The best fundraisers start by asking their closest contacts first (the core) and progressively working outward to more distant contacts (the outer skin).

Steps for Success

Here are some suggestions about how to get started.
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Donate to Your Own Page

Other people are more likely to donate to your page when they see that you have already contributed. It demonstrates to your friends and family that you are serious about supporting City of Hope.

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Email Your Closest Contacts

Send individual emails to 5-10 of your closest contacts and ask them to donate. It's easier to start with the people you're most comfortable with. Plus, getting your "inner circle" to donate will help you build up some momentum.

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Email Your Good Friends

Send an email to 10-50 close contacts. When they see the strong foundation you’ve built from your first few donations, they’ll be more likely to give. Studies show that success breeds success!

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Email Your Other Contacts

Send an email to as many other contacts that you feel comfortable sending a message to (co-workers, neighbors, friends of friends, distant relatives, your entire address book, etc.).

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Promote Through Social Media

Promote your ourHope page through Facebook and Twitter and any other form of social media you enjoy using. The best time to start using social media is after you have received a few initial donations.

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Send a Friendly Reminder

Don’t be afraid to follow up with those who haven't donated. Your close friends and family won't mind hearing from you a few times and will probably appreciate the reminder!