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We’re so excited you’ve created an ourHope page! Haven't created a fundraising page yet?  

Whether you’re supporting a specific doctor’s research, honoring a loved one, or conducting any other type of fundraiser, every dollar you raise will fuel the groundbreaking research and compassionate care going on right now at City of Hope.

5 Proven Fundraising Tips

Steps for Success

Raising money on ourHope is easy, but we understand fundraising doesn't come naturally to everyone. We've pulled together resources to help you succeed in fundraising for City of Hope.

Download Fundraiser’s Toolkit

Not a natural fundraiser?

This toolkit is designed to help you learn how to run a successful online fundraising campaign.

Download Fundraiser’s Toolkit
Download Fundraiser’s Toolkit

Don’t know where to start?

The people closest to you are more likely to help you by donating.

Learn the Best Ways to Connect
Download Fundraiser’s Toolkit

Still have questions?

Luckily you’re not the first person to fundraise for City of Hope.

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Download Fundraiser’s Toolkit

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Advice From a Pro

Advice From a Pro
"I’ve raised over $11k in the past years as each year I have dedicated one run to City of Hope. I plan to keep this tradition and I urge anyone to be a part of the OurHope fundraising initiative. It’s a great website, user friendly and you can dedicate any event you wish to help City of Hope." Heather Javier
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Make it yours.

Make it yours.

Your closest friends may know your story, but not everyone in your network knows how special City of Hope is. I personalized my page with a few paragraph about my journey at City of Hope and some photos of me with my doctor and nurses.

Make it yours.

Don't be afraid to ask.

Send your page to as many people as possible and ask them to donate. You’ll be amazed by how generous your friends and family are.

Make it yours.

Set a goal and deadline.

My original fundraising goal was $500, and I reached it in just two days! As I raised more money, I continued to increase my goal. It’s a great idea to set a deadline and a goal — whether its’s $50 or $50,000 — so you and your loved ones know.