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City of Hope Leads the Way in Research

Amrita Krishnan, M.D., F.A.C.P., is Director of the Multiple Myeloma Program at City of Hope. Her work highlights the need for personalization in the treatment of multiple myeloma — the key is to tailor the therapy in the most appropriate way.

Reducing Health Disparities

Population Sciences

The mission of the Department of Population Sciences is to advance the science and application of cancer etiology, prevention and outcomes, and reduce the burden of cancer and its sequelae across all populations, through collaborative multidisciplinary programs in clinical service, research and education. It’s divisions include Cancer Etiology, Center for Cancer Survivorship, CCARE, Clinical Cancer Genetics, Nursing Research and Education, Outcomes Research, and BMT Study.

Center of Community Alliance for Research and Education

CCARE implements specific best practice community strategies to reduce and eliminate inequalities in cancer outcomes. Our mission is to increase education and awareness of the most advanced practices in health care for all patients, bringing the best that City of Hope has to offer to underrepresented and underserved patients and communities.

Clinical Trials

At any given time, our researchers are conducting hundreds of clinical trials to test new treatments for cancer. Recruiting diverse participants to these trials allows us to better understand how cancer and its treatments impact different communities and people differently. Our clinical trials improve health.

Serving Our Latino Community

Given that cancer is the leading cause of death among Latinos in California, and recognizing that our primary service area is 46% Latino, we are taking more active steps to better understand and serve the Latino community.

City of Hope Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Here are some of the thoughts and feelings of our Latino employees. It couldn't be said any better:

“Not only does City of Hope support but encourages diversity."

“It's not just one size fits all, you can make it what you want it to be."

“I have a passion for learning… at City of Hope there are so many things to learn everyday."

“You're surrounded by the best minds this stimulates you to become the best scientist."

“You are part of an organization that impacts people daily, and we are changing lives, not only of the patient but of their entire family."

“ ...everyone is there to do something amazing and support each other, it’s refreshing, extremely rare and absolutely unique."

Together, we are hope - #TogetherWeAreHope

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