Virtual Poster Session

In a room filled with City of Hope staff, community members and the new cohort of healthy living grantees, the six 2015 healthy living grantees shared their findings after a year of implementing programs that City of Hope funded.

All 2015 grantees made 15-minute presentations and held a poster session. Some programs made inroads into the health status of the communities they served and others taught school children and their families how to walk or bike to school in safe ways. Teenagers grew superfoods in a school garden while non-English speaking ladies worked out in a Zumba class.  

Click links below to view posters that each grantee displayed during the August 5 event:

  • Pasadena Educational Foundation's “Sharing a Healthy Start" program actually reduced the number of families that ran out of food at the end of the month.
  • American Heart Association delivered 16 “Check. Change. Control” classes in Mandarin and Cantonese. There was an average drop in blood pressure of 11mmhg (systolic) and 8mmhg (diastolic) for participants who regularly attended workshops and recorded readings at least two times per week, which can ultimately improve the heart health of a very vulnerable community.
  • Alta Med's "Diabetes Group Visit" program in West Covina demonstrated consistent drops in diastolic blood pressure, and LDL cholesterol and HgA1C levels, over a six-month time frame for their 62 Spanish speaking clients who attended the two cycle program, ultimately decreasing their risks for other chronic conditions.   
  • San Gabriel High School's “Health and Wellness Program” had high schoolers actually eating kale and other superfoods.
  • DayONE delivered “Ride and Bike to School” safety programs in three different communities.