Rahul Jandial, M.D., Ph.D.: Pediatric Neurosurgery Humanitarian Missions

March 13, 2018 | Denise Heady

Fourteen years ago, neurosurgeon and scientist Rahul Jandial, M.D., Ph.D., began to travel to underserved countries to perform brain surgeries on disadvantaged children.

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From Beijing, with Love: Heartfelt Thanks from an International Patient

September 5, 2017 | Michael Easterling

A patient who came to City of Hope from his native Beijing, China, through the Center for International Medicine was recently successfully treated. Here is the letter shared by the patient.

National Doctors Day: Transforming cancer care through research

March 30, 2016 | Denise Heady

Today, on National Doctors Day, it is important that we celebrate not only the tremendous work physicians do each day to expertly care for and treat their patients, but also recognize those doctors who divide their time between patient rooms and the laboratory, relentlessly pursuing new discoveries to better manage and treat the disease.

Clinical trials could lead to new options for colorectal cancer patients

April 22, 2015 | Tami Dennis

Patients with metastatic colorectal cancer need more options. Two clinical trials currently underway at City of Hope could help provide those options. Patients with metastatic colorectal cancer often stop responding to the primary drugs used against the disease, leaving them with few options and little hope.

ASCO 2014: Chemo with either Avastin or Erbitux are equally effective against colorectal cancer

June 2, 2014 | Hiu Chung So

Results from a large-scale study found that four commonly-prescribed drug regimens are equally effective for most types of colorectal cancer. The findings were presented during the plenary session at the American Society of Clinical Oncology's annual meeting.

Colon cancer: Physicians explain the facts (w/VIDEO)

March 25, 2014 | Valerie Zapanta

The exact causes of colorectal cancer are not completely understood, but many facts about the disease are well-known – as are ways to reduce one's risk. In our "Ask the Experts: Colon Health" presentation (above), City of Hope physicians provide those facts.

Cancer of the breast, colon, lungs ... Putting research in perspective

March 2, 2014 | Tami Dennis

No matter how impressive a research study’s conclusion may be – or how seemingly unsurprising – experts are needed to put the findings into context. Perhaps a study’s methodology wasn’t as strong as it could have been.

Ask the Experts: Banishing myths about colorectal cancer

March 14, 2013 | Hiu Chung So

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, as many people may already know. But being "aware" of the disease means more than being able to recognize the disease's  risk factors , knowing its symptoms and getting screened regularly, points out a City of Hope expert on colorectal cancer.

Colonoscopies: More is not always better, new studies say

March 11, 2013 | Hiu Chung So

Colonoscopy is often considered to be the gold standard of colorectal cancer screening methods , because it can survey the entire length of the colon and can remove precancerous polyps and biopsy suspicious tissue during the procedure.

High-carb diet may increase risk of colorectal-cancer recurrence

November 20, 2012 | Hiu Chung So

Colorectal cancer is one of the deadliest and most prevalent cancers in the United States, accounting for more than 140,000 new cancer cases and 50,000 deaths this year . It is also a cancer for which the risk can be managed, in part, with lifestyle choices .

For hepatitis B-related liver cancer, the odds may get better

November 17, 2012 | Hiu Chung So

Liver cancer patients with active hepatitis B infections face a significantly higher risk of tumor recurrence and death from liver cancer after tumor removal than do patients not infected with hepatitis B.